Designed for distance runners participating in Half, Full, Ultra and Endurance events as well as training for them.  The use of NanoGLIDE® as a primary fiber will assure your foot stays cool and dry.  The "10x Less Friction" of the fiber virtually eliminates the possibility of getting a blister.  Together these make an even bigger difference as you move into the back half of the race and as you get closer to the finish.  That's when most running socks "Wet-Out" and lose their cooling and wicking abilities.  That's when the superior hydrophobic properties of NanoGLIDE® move the moisture away quickly from your foot (and therefore not "Wetting-Out") will be appreciated especially if you happen to be a "heavy sweater" (Hyperhidrosis).  


  • NanoGLIDE Fibers minimize friction and help stop blisters from forming
  • Featherlite Thorlos padding- 30% lighter than Original Experia- for protection during long runs
  • Aero-dynamic design for enhanced fit
  • Integrated venting enhances moisture portability


Length: No Show
Weight: Ultra Light
Material: 33% NanoGLIDE®, 26% Polyester, 39% Nylon, 2% Elastic