These heavyweight FoxSox, with fully thermalined wool construction, naturally thermoregulate to keep you warm when you're cold and cool when you're hot. Extra softness and cushion will keep you comfortable and dry no matter the conditions or setting. Exclusive Wick Dry® technology manages moisture to keep feet dry.


  • Fox River exclusive Wick Dry® technology quickly draws moisture away from your skin so your feet stay dry and comfortable. Removing the moisture build up reduces hot spots and friction that causes blisters.
  • Thermalined with layers of fibers to insulate and block out the cold.
  • This exceptionally soft acrylic is knit for extra cushioning for added comfort and warmth.
  • Smooth, flat toe seam doesn't rub or irritate during wear. Plus, the smooth, flat toe closure technique adds durability so it stretches every way you do without unraveling.


Length: Crew
Weight: Heavy
Material: 60% Acrylic, 20% Worsted Wool, 19% Stretch Nylon, 1% Spandex