Drymax Diabetic socks were designed to be non-binding to encourage circulation and help lessen the chances of Edema. Their soft stretchy leg, seamlessly smooth inside and padded foot, heel & toe, are designed to help with Neuropathy. The soft & stretchy leg fabric helps leg marks. The leg design is also highly breathable, helping to eliminate excess heat.

The Diabetic sock is a Medium Density+ protective padded sock. The F-Scan® computer generated pressure mapping graphic at left illustrates the pressure on a bare foot while walking versus the same foot walking in a drymax protective padded sock. The protective padding is designed to relieve minor pressure points under the heel, forefoot & toes . Dense padding is used as opposed to thick padding as it protects feet without adversely affecting shoe fit.

The Diabetic sock is designed for use in cool to hot conditions, keeping feet dry, comfortable and odor free all day.


  • Breathable mesh cools & dries feet
  • Flat toe seam
  • Soft stretch leg
  • High heel increased protection
  • Y-heel improves fit
  • Dual layers: Drymax inside, moisture attracting outside layer


Length: Crew
Weight: Medium
Material: 50% Drymax Olefin, 39% Polyester, 8% Nylon, 3% Spandex